2016 Audi Q3 Quattro

  • 2016 Audi Q3 Quattro

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    • SLIDING ROOF – CLEAN – [Clean guide rails and lubricate with grease.] BATTERY – INSPECT – [Check for clean terminals (no corrosion), properly mounted housing and no damage; replace if necessary. Also, check the acid level of battery only if the level can be seen through the housing and fill if necessary.] BRAKE SYSTEM – INSPECT – [Check for damage and leaks. Check thickness of discs brakes and brake fluid level.] COOLING SYSTEM – INSPECT – [Check coolant level, add if necessary.] DRIVESHAFT BOOTS – INSPECT ENGINE – INSPECT – [Check engine compartment for leaks.] EXHAUST SYSTEM – INSPECT – [Check for damage/leaks.] FINAL DRIVE OIL – INSPECT – [Auto and Manual transmission, check for damage/leaks.] FRONT & REAR AXLE – INSPECT – [Check for excessive play. Check dust seals on ball joints and tie rod ends.] HORN OPERATION – INSPECT – [Check function and condition.] LIGHTS & CONTROLS – INSPECT – [Inspect front lighting – Check function of parking lights, low beams, high beams, fog lights, blinkers & hazard lights. Inspect rear lighting – Check function of brake lights (including third brake light), tail lights, back-up lights, rear fog lights, license plate lights, blinkers & hazard lights.] PLENUM PANEL – INSPECT – [Remove cover for plenum panel to check water drain and clean if necessary.] TIRES/SPARE TIRE – INSPECT – [Check tire pressure, damage and tread depth.] UNDERBODY CONTACT POINTS & LINKAGE – INSPECT – [Check for damage/leaks.] V-BELT – INSPECT – [Ribbed V-belt – Check condition and replace if necessary. Check tension of belt drive with a manual tensioner and retention if necessary.] WINDSHIELD WIPER & WASHER SYSTEMS – INSPECT – [Check adjustment and function. Add fluid as needed.] WIPER BLADES – INSPECT – [Check condition and replace if necessary.] LATCHES – LUBRICATE – [Front latch for Cabriolet roof-lubricate.] CABIN AIR FILTER – REPLACE – Dust & Pollen Filter ENGINE OIL & FILTER – REPLACE – [In case of severe conditions, such as extremely low temperatures, excessive dust, etc., it is necessary for certain operations to be carried out in between the given intervals. This applies particularly to engine oil changes and the cleaning or replacing of the air cleaner filter element.] SPARK PLUGS – REPLACE SERVICE INTERVAL INDICATOR/DISPLAY – RESET TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM SENSORS – RESET VEHICLE – ROAD-TEST – [Check engine performance, clutch, manual/auto transmission, braking (including hand and foot brake), steering, wheels, wheel bearings, drive shaft, horn.] TIRES – ROTATE
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